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 Austin pulled me out of live-mixing “retirement” for The Chicago Experience - TCE at the Prairie Center for the Arts. First time I got any real "behind the wheel" time on the Allen&Heath DLive. I already knew that it was a monstrously good sounding board - But you combine it with a monstrously good sounding band and it's quite an experience.

And goodness - what a crowd... It was a shame we needed to move it indoors (the freakishly intense downpour that hit after sound check would've wrecked a lot of spirits and probably a lot of gear). But the crowd was as intense as the band. Deafening between songs (and sometimes during). And you know, it was okay sitting behind the faders again.

John Scrip - Prairie Center for the Arts -  Schaumburg

What a pleasure it was to work with you and the band!  The Chicago Experience was one of the highlights of the entire weekend - great musicianship, awesome song selection and a positive attitude.  It's not often that I stay and listen to most of one artist's set, but it was nearly impossible to walk away from hit  after hit.  A real pleasure!

Kind regards - and let's do it again soon!!!!!


John G. - Sheffield Music Festival.

The Chicago Experience will be returning to Burr Ridge’s Concerts on the Green

for 2016 for their third appearance! Never in the 7 year history of these concerts,

have so many people applauded, standing ovation, and on and on for a concert

performance like they did for The Chicago Experience. Sitting with me at the

concert was a frequent concert goer gentlemen and fan of the original Chicago

band who stated “if I wasn’t witnessing this, I would swear it was Chicago!” Kudos

to Steve and Ron for a concert to remember.

Jamie Janusz

Supt. of Finance

Burr Ridge Park District

Incredible ... a MUST SEE act if you get the chance this summer. (We posted a link to their itinerary on yesterday's page ... scroll back to see where these guys are playing this summer ... we'll probably see you at one of their shows!) They have TOTALLY nailed the Chicago sound ... killer lead vocals by Brian Hemstock and Adam Briel ... scorching guitar by Ron Brandt ... and a horn section that rivals Chicago's very own. How great were they? The night of this performance I turned to my wife and said "I have NEVER seen Chicago perform "Dialogue" as well as these guys just did here tonight." And I mean that ... and I've seen Chicago live at least a dozen times. Absolutely amazing.  Kent Kotal

"People came up to me all weekend saying how awesome you guys were."

Dave Herman

Lockport Township Park District

Director of Recreation

Dear Chicago Experience,

Thank you for performing at our fest!  You once again amazed us with a fabulous night.  We had many people tell us how much they enjoyed the show.  We couldn't have asked for a better night.  We will be in touch about next year.

From all of us ad the city of Palos Hills, thanks!!!!!


Jennifer Grabowski

Recreation Supervisor

I would like to thank you for an outstanding performance of The Chicago Experience for one of our recent corporate events. I was very proud to present your wonderful Chicago tribute band to a very knowledgeable client, who has been in our industry over the years. Everyone was thoroughly entertained, and they so appreciated the authentic presentation of everyone's classic hits from this legendary band. The arrangements are perfect, and all the vocalists sound so much like the original members, that it really feels like you are watching the actual band "Chicago"

Best regards,

Dan Hays

Prism Entertainment LTD

"The Chicago Experience is for real! I mean like the real deal! With this band you get perfect vocals, phenomenal rhythm section and stellar horn section! So many people commented on how great this band is...they are a very true representation of the band "Chicago"! I will also add that they are one of the best group of guys I have ever worked with!!! Here's to you guys!!!"

Dr. Tom Reitz

Entertainment Coordinator  ChiliMania Inc.   Edgerton, WI

Thank you from all of us in Westchester for the great performance. Still hearing compliments on how great you guys were!

Gary Kasanders - Executive Director

Westchester Park District

The Chicago Experience performance at our annual outdoor concert could not have been any better. The entire band, brass section and lead vocals were spot on!

 I received numerous compliments from my Club members and guests.

“Awesome band” , “Best time we ever had”, “Great performance”, “Fabulous evening”

 Thank you once again for a wonderful evening!!! 

Jim Dziekan

Club Manager

Boulder Ridge CC

Just caught your show at the Metropolis Theater. WONDERFUL!!!!! OUTSTANDING!!!! What a high caliber band and what fun to see how passionate all members of the band are in their performances. Nice to see that all members were "showcased" during the show. What a truly FABULOUS Show!! I hope you return to the Metropolis Soon.

Chris Klimczak 

“The Chicago Experience was one of the best concerts I have gone to. Saw them in Burr Ridge, IL . Even a thunderstorm didn’t make me want to leave and was thankful we didn’t. Had a great time! Thanks for a fun evening!”

Penny Defenbaugh

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